For those who may accuse this blog of being legalistic, it is not our goal to force an opinion or way of living on anyone. Our word is not law; but we do strive to follow God’s. We are not authority, but rather, seek to follow the way of God. Our interpretation of the roles of women is taken directly from Scripture. We have, however, defined a few important points below.

1. Before the fall of man, God had designed man to walk in perfect relationship with Him. Because there was no sin in the world, this also meant that man and woman walked in perfect relationship with each other. Their responsibilities were distributed perfectly, and God was at the center of their lives.
2. Man sinned. When this happened, the perfect harmony that man had had with woman and with God was shattered. God had to drive them out of the garden of Eden, and he had to punish their sin because God is perfect and cannot look on sin. For the man, he cursed the ground and told him that he would have to labor to bring forth fruit and that without it he would die. For the woman, he caused pain during childbirth. The man was to be the breadwinner, the woman was to be the child-rearer.
3. In the Bible, man was set over woman as the head of the house. However, this does not mean that one is superior to the other. All men are viewed equal in Christ’s sight, because all mankind has sinned and are deserving of death. Christ has redeemed all who trust in Him with His perfect blood, and in him there is neither man nor woman, Greek nor Jew, slave nor free. Our hearts matter to God.

4. Jesus is the bridegroom, the church is his bride. He is the head of the relationship, and it is our job to love and honor and serve Him as a wife honors and loves her husband.