Group Discussions

Group Discussion 01-- What God Has Been Teaching Me

Welcome to group discussion 01. :)
This week we asked the question: "What has God been teaching you this past school year?"
We each answered the above question in a paragraph or so. After reading our responses feel free to comment and share your own opinion on what God has been teaching you. We'd love to hear from you!


God has been teaching me a lot during this school year. Some of these lessons include patience and not judging by appearances. Ultimately, both of these things come down to one thing: loving others. I've been taught patience in two areas-- being patient with God's timing and being patient with others. A lot of times I don't like to wait for God to move. I want things to go MY way, in MY timing. But my timing is not the best timing. God has been showing me that His timing is always perfect, and that He always knows what He is doing. About the area of being patient with other people: God is always patient with me, even when I don't deserve it. He overlooks my shortcomings when he could point out hundreds of them. Because of the grace He's shown me, I've discovered that I really don't have a right to point out the shortcomings of others. I need to be patient with them and love them even when they don't deserve it. Which is, to put in one word, hard. The other lesson that the Lord has been showing me is that I shouldn't judge by appearances. At my job, at school, and in other places I come in contact with a lot of people who come across, well, creepy. I don't know about you, but the baggy pants and the tattoos and the lip piercing just turn me off. Several times God has moved me into a position where these people have come to ask me for help and have ended up spilling their hearts out to me. What I discovered there was not someone who was creepy, but someone who was lost inside. I was able to help them and to encourage them. I have also been around people who seem to have it all together-- popularity, good looks, a following, a cool attitude-- but all these things were a mask to hide the brokenness that was inside of them because they didn't have everything they needed-- perhaps a bad family situation or hurting relationships marred their perfect life. Either way, the lesson I have learned is to love people unconditionally because appearances are deceiving. "Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart."

~Piper Amanda~

What I have learned this year...

As I look at a school year gone by, I see that God truly has done work in my life. I think one of the biggest areas that God has touched on in my life is trust. Mostly trusting him for the events that are taking place in the present and the uncertainty of the future, but also trusting in God for the outcome of the certain events that I would like to be able to handle on my own.
Another thing that God has been teaching me is to meditate on certain verses of the Bible that pertain to the areas of life that I'm struggling with. The Bible is God's letter to each of us. I have been encouraged to always look harder, for the verses of what God says to me in every day life matter.

~Ella Grace~

I learned so many things this year that I could hardly cram it all into an
essay, much less a paragraph, but I will try to sum a few aspects of it up
in a few words. This year I learned that God speaks to everyone in their own
special way. We just have to learn to listen to Him and what he wants for
us. I learned that God’s way is always better than our own. He sees the
whole picture, while we only see the present time. Everything happens for a
reason and God has a time for everything and a purpose for everyone and
everything. I learned to be patient and wait what God wants for me, not what
I want for myself and to wait upon Him to reveal His words to me. Faith is a
very important aspect of that as well. We have to have faith in God that He
will take care of us through our times of need and times of trouble, and he
will. Because He loves us.

~Sofia Noel~

Group Discussion 02 -- What about Heaven?

Generally, you write on the topics of things you think about often. Ella recently read the book "Heaven is For Real" (You can purchase the book hereand asked if we could do a group discussion on Heaven.

So here are our thoughts on Heaven. We would love it if you commented below and shared your own thoughts on what you think heaven will be like!


~Piper Amanda~
Heaven... it sounds so wonderful, it sends shivers up my spine. Can you
imagine, life without any pain, without any sin, without any suffering, and
no more tears? Do you know what I am going to do when I get to heaven? I am
going to a wedding feast: the marriage supper of the Lamb. And all the
believers who have gone with me and before me will be there. Someone I
especially want to meet is King David. I also think it will be wonderful to
see my great grandmother and my grandfather again. But mostly I am looking
forward to seeing Jesus face to face. That, I cannot imagine, but this I
know, it will be the most incredible thing my eyes will ever see-- the One
Who Created Them to gaze upon Him.
~Something you wonder about Heaven~
Will there be work in heaven? I was having a conversation with someone very
wise about this recently, and they pointed out that there was work before
there was sin. Adam and Eve were placed in the Garden of Eden (our closest
thing to a picture of paradise) in order to care for it. The Bible also
talks about how we are God's workmanship, created to do good works which God
prepared in advance for us to do. I think that if there is work in heaven,
it will be the perfect job for us, and we will be doing our work for Jesus.
I wonder what job Jesus will have for me to do?

~Ella Grace Collins~

What does that word mean to you? Is it just another word? Is it special?
Is it frightening?
We all are going to go somewhere when we die, even the Egyptians believed
that. So where is your soul going when you die? Heaven to me is a very
special place, it is where Jesus Christ reigns and has prepared a spot for
me to be one day. Some people are scared to talk about heaven or think
about where they are going when they die, thy take life as it comes to them
and try not to think are prepare for there future, but for me I love talking
about heaven. When we get there it will be a wonderful experience for the
first time ever we will get to life without sin!

~Sofia Noel Collins~

I imagine things about heaven that usually, normal people don’t even think
about. Why do we even get to go to heaven anyways? I mean, we’ve never done
anything to deserve streets paved in sparkling gold and life without sin.
The answer is simple. Jesus died to take our sin upon himself so that all we
had to do was believe upon Him to be set free from our sinful bondage and
have eternal life in a place more beautiful than anyone can ever imagine.

Christ has shown His love for us unfathomable.

So what do I think about Heaven? The one thing I cannot wait for is to be
able to talk to Jesus. Can you imagine something so absolutely spectacular?
Can you get your mind around being able to talk to the person who made you?

What else do I think about heaven? I think that instruments will be playing
for all eternity in praise to God! Don’t you want to be there? I think the
flowers will be made of Chystals. Don’t you want to be there? I think we
will be able to fly, I think there will be waters there with graceful fish,
plants and animals beyond what our imaginations can fathom. Don’t you want
to be there? Best of all, we shall dwell with Jesus Christ our savior
forever and ever and ever. Don’t YOU want to be there?

Are you going to be there? Are you certain you are going to be there? If
not, Jesus wants you to be there. In fact, if you accept Him, He will
prepare a place for you. For you!

Will you Accept Him?