Meet the Writers

A little bit about us...


I’m a girl who’s ultimate purpose of living on this earth is to serve God, and further his word.  I greatly enjoy being outside and being with animals, to me being outside is one of the greatest places to worship God.  God usually works through us by having us step outside of our comfort zone, which I have recently done. My family moved across country.  We are currently involved in a growing church plant.  Although we moved because of my dad’s job we feel more like we have been called to be missionaries to our growing town.

- Piper

*I love Jesus with everything I am. He is my Savior and Lord and He goes before all else. I gave my heart to Jesus at age 5 and have never regretted it.
*I am a 12th grade homeschooled student living in Virginia.
*I wrote my first piece of literature at age 4.
*In my spare time I enjoy photography, ice skating, and reading.
*Two things I cannot stand are baggy pants and bad language (both grammatical and/or colorful)
*I play the piano and I love to sing.
*I believe that ice cream is the nectar of life.
*I am the oldest of so many kids I've lost count. I have a music teacher for a mom and an art teacher for a dad. My family and I like to laugh a lot.
*I met Sofia and Ella both at my church here in Virginia after moving two years ago. They are the sweetest girls you will ever meet and I'm looking forward to being an old lady in a wheelchair someday and still being friends with them. In addition, Carolyn is my sister.
*I'm currently studying 3 foreign languages and it is my goal someday to become a translator (but then, I guess we'll see what God has in store for me. He always has the Master Plan.)
*If I had an Indian name, it would be 'She Who Loves Peanut M&Ms.'
*Someday I want to live in a lighthouse on the Great Lakes. I also want to live in Canada and go dogsledding.

- Sofia 

I'm a fifteen year old girl striving to live my life for the uttermost glory of my savior, Jesus Christ. I am passionate about spreading the word of God, missions, giving God's precious infants the chance to live, and pursuing righteousness in everything I do. 
I believe there are many chances in life that God gives us to stand up for Him and further His Kingdom. Many people lose these chances. I want to take them. 
I live in the mountains with my parents and four siblings, and love to write novels, knit, read, do graphic design, study literature,  and do many other things. I love to make people think when  I write books and articles. I like to bring up topics about things that normal people wouldn't think about, and ask questions about people’s views on certain topics. I want my life to shine the light of Jesus.

- Many warm welcomes to our newest writer, Carolyn!