Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A quote, a question and a video

Am I afraid of the will of God? The dear saint whom I have already mentioned as having such an influence upon the course of my life, many times asked me the question: "Do you like the will of God?" It is a tremendous question. She did not ask, "Do you do the will of God?" she always asked, "do you like the will of God?" That question cuts deeper that anything else. I remember once she was having a controversy with the Lord over a certain matter. She knew what the Lord wanted, and in her heart she wanted it too. But it was difficult, and I heard her pray like this: "Lord, I confess I don't like it, but please do not give in to me. Just wait, Lord-and I will give in to thee." She did not want he Lord to yield to her and to reduce his demands upon her. She wanted nothing but to please him.
~watchmen Nee The Normal Christian Life

"How often do you take the time to think deeply about the cross, Christ's love, and all his death bought for you? Once a day? Once a week? Once a year?

Thursday, July 19, 2012

I heard this song for the first time when I was nine years old. It still gives me shivers. Dear soldiers, we're praying for you. Make it home--and make it safe.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Write a soldier

These are a few pictures from out last few "Write a Soldier" tables. The kids were so sweet. Coming home, I couldn't help laughing aloud at some of the things they'd put on their letters. It was a joy to work with them. Thanks for all your prayers and support! We hope to be doing this again sometime soon! If you would like to write a letter of your own, check out our Write a Soldier page or send us an email.


Write a Soldier

Ella letters

Letter 1

Letter 2

Fight for our freedom

Your awesome

Jesus Loves you

Jesus in your heart