Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Write a Soldier

  Welcome all! 

 Recently, the four of us have been interested/involved in the ministry of writing letters to American Soldiers overseas. We would like to encourage you to do this as well! Writing letters to our brave young men overseas can not only be a great way to show our gratitude for all they do for us...it can also be a way to share the gospel with them. If you are interested in writing a letter to a soldier by yourself, or if you would like to gather a group together to write letters and send them off in bulk, you can find more information about that here. 

 Carolyn, Ella, Piper and I have found that places such as school gatherings, book sales, or fair grounds are great places to set up a table and get young people to write letters. Below is some information that you may find helpful if you would like to set up a table yourself. 

 Here is a list of things you may need: 
* A clipboard (to keep track of how many people have written letters) 
* Some signs 
* Lined paper, colored paper, or cardstock 
* Pens, pencils and markers 
* Scissors 
* Stickers for the young writers ;) 
* Glue sticks 
* Baskets (to keep everything in) 
* A tablecloth 
* Some cut out bible verses (for people to glue on letters) 
* Rule sheets 

 Making signs: If you are planning on setting up a table to write letters, it would be beneficial for you to have some signs and writing guidelines for people who may have questions about what to write. Here is what we used on our signs... 

 What should I write?
Do—Thank them for their service 
Do—Be positive 
Do—Share the gospel 
Do—Glorify God in all you write 
Don’t—Focus on killing and/or death 
Don’t—use hateful words 
Don’t—Share personal information 

 *All letters are subject to censorship 

 Happy writing!!

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