Sunday, May 20, 2012

I have a semi photographic memory. I also have a very fast auditory memory. I can read something in a textbook and remember it close to word for word. I may watch a movie and be able to quote several scenes after the first time. I can hear a song once and have the lyrics memorized by the time it is over.
Therefore, it is constantly a marvel to me how many songs and poems and other things I have buried in my brain. There must be thousands of them! I was thinking the other day, how wonderful it would be if I had as many Bible verses in my head as I have songs.
I admit, I do have a hard time memorizing Bible verses. Why does my brain seem to pick up so many things of little import when I cannot make the things that are worth remembering stick in my head?!
Here are a few tacks which I use for memorization of things which do not come so easily to me.
1. Flash cards-- make flash cards with the verses on them. If you wish, you can write the verses in fragments and practice putting them in order, or you can write the verses on one side of the verses and the reference on the other. NOTE: Don’t forget the references! They’re incredibly important.
2. Repetition-- Go through the verses several times a day. Repeat them over and over again, get them in your head. When you have drive time between appointments or rest time or a few spare moments between classes or even are sitting on the john, practice these flash cards.
3. Say it out loud. When practicing or memorizing your verses, say it out loud. If you are hearing it as well as speaking it and reading it, it will give you added efficiency.
Here below are a few more unique ways to memorize verses......

1. Write it on a piece of paper or on a white board. Each time you say it, cover up or erase one or more words, but continue to speak the verse all the way through.
2. If you are memorizing a verse with a group of people, try standing in a line or sitting in a circle and having each person say one word of the verse in order. Keep the words spoken at the pace that a single person would speak it in. It will feel fast but will keep your brain engaged.
3. Something I do that is unique is walking to a rhythm while saying the verses. Pick a rhythm and step on the beat while reciting. I did this yesterday with Ezekiel 36:26. Here is how I broke it down (with stepping on the capitalized and emphasized words) “I will TAKE away the STONY heart and GIVE you a heart of FLESH; EZEKiel THIRTY six TWENTY six.”

Really, it all comes down to hiding the word in your heart. Bible verses may seem difficult or daunting to memorize, but they are one of the most important things that you can ever learn because they are truth. They are God’s truth, and His truth will always remain.

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