Thursday, April 5, 2012

Recently Sofia and I wrote letters to the newspaper USA Today, protesting the legality of America’s abortion laws.


Sofia’s letter:
I am not writing this letter to tell you how immoral abortion is, or lecture you on the fact that abortion kills children. Many Americans have already heard this argument and are still stone hearted in their opinions regarding the subject. Instead, in this letter, I would like to discuss dreams.
You cannot deny that dreams are what America is supposed to be about. Ellis Island was abundant with immigrants who came here because they wanted their life dreams to be fulfilled. Today, we see phrases such as "Follow the American dream" or "live your dream" written boldly across billboards, or blinking furiously on fluorescent signs.
What about you? Can you remember sitting in a high school classroom staring blankly at the whiteboard and thinking about what you were going to do with your life? What were your own personal dreams? Maybe as a high school student the only dream you had was for that cute boyfriend of yours to ask you to marry him.
Whatever the case may be, the reality is that you had Dreams. Now here is my question for you—the dreamer: Are you willing to let other people live their American dream?
Many of you believe that aborted babies are merely fetuses--not actually human beings. But who can deny that if left in the womb as a healthy baby, these "fetuses" will one day turn into humans? We see that happen every day as new children are brought into this world and it has happened since the beginning of time. There is absolutely no denying it. It’s a fact of life.
Every "fetus" that has been killed would have otherwise turned into a child, who would have grown into a young adult and one day that young adult would have had dreams of their own. Every time a child is aborted, those dreams are lost forever. Can you deny this fact?
So, America, I want to ask you: Are you killing dreams?


Ella’s letter

To whom it may concern at USA Today

Look at our society today, we see a large amount of exchange students and foreigners that come to America just so that they can work and take money out of our country. There are no longer enough Americans willing to work and produce the necessary things for America to be a prospering country. Why does our country not have the needed amount of people? Because there is a constant massacre going on right under our very noses.

If a pregnant woman has one child but does not want to have two would she kill the already born child. No. That would be murder but so is killing a fetus that is still in the womb. A women’s body is her own but she is responsible for position that she puts herself into. If someone had a mass of caner cells growing in their body, they would say "that is not part of my body remove it!" Sadly Americans are doing this same thing to their own offspring. We are acting as if our children are deadly disease that are going to kill us; we are acting as if we have a right to remove them. The truth is that a deadly disease is not part of our body it is something that against our will started growing inside our body and a fetus is not part of our body but it is the coincidence of our actions. The way God design the development of man’s offspring is a beautiful thing. We don’t leave our children as egg in a nest, we don’t merely teach them to swim or fly but a human mother has the blessing of being with her child from the moment the fetus’s heart starts to beat inside the womb (which is 3 weeks after the conception.)

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