Sunday, February 19, 2012

Kisses from Katie, a lovely, enjoyable and heart-wrenching book is written from the standpoint of a twenty-one year old young lady, who makes the decision to always say “yes” to God. When Katie reaches the age of eighteen, she had to decide between two things: Going to a high-society college to honor her parents, or following the Lord’s tug on her heart to do missions work in Africa.
When the Lord leads Katie to teach a Kindergarden class in Uganda for a year, she falls in love with the country, and realizes that Uganda is where God wants her to be—possibly for the rest of her life. Saying “Yes” to God once is a hard choice. It is also an honorable one. But when faced with more and more choices, Katie finds herself continuing to answer God’s call and saying “Yes”.
Many people may say that by saying “Yes” to God, Katie ruined her life. Not only did she purchase land and a permanent home in Uganda, begin a ministry called Amazima, reach out to an extensively poor group people that many others were afraid of, but she also adopted fourteen orphaned little girls as a single mother. However, Katie finds that although sometimes answering God’s call can be a challenging thing, it also brings more purpose, more love and more joy into her life than she could have ever imagined.
Follow Katie through her journey of hope when she watches sick children begin to walk again, Faith as she journeys through each new and more challenging day, Courage when she braves not only the natives, but also rats the size of dinner plates, and the kind of Unconditional Love that only Jesus can bring.

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