Friday, February 10, 2012

The average American family has an income of $63,000 per year, 8,000 of which they spend on unnecessary goods or services.

“Americans spend about 15% of their household incomes on things that they do not need to satisfy their vices or to keep themselves amused.”

"A person who smokes a pack of cigarettes a day in New York state will spend more than $4,000 a year, which is roughly 10% of the average American income before taxes."

More than 800 Million people will go to bed hungry tonight. 300 million of them are Children.

Every 3.6 seconds another person dies of starvation and the large majority are children under the age of five.

Every year six million children die from malnutrition before their fifth birthday.

What are YOU doing to help?

*First three photos copyright Anna K, all other photos by Radwa photography

*All American facts from Douglas McIntyre, Michael Sauter, Charles Stockdale, 24/7 Wall Street

* poverty facts from millenium project

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