Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Four Days.

Passion. Such a beautiful word, is it not? Many people can have different passions about certain things. Right now, I want to bring to your attention a passion for children, a passion for orphans, a passion for the least of these.
A beautiful young lady who goes by the name of Miss Elaini set out on a journey last year. Due to health issues, she could not fulfill her dream of doing missions work in India, so instead, she came up with an idea.
Over the past year, Elaini has worked hard to raise $45,807 by wearing the same black dress every day for 100 days. The dress was to identify with the poor people of this world who find it a luxury to own even one dress. By the end of day 100, Elaini had raised a total of $31, 331, her goal $50,000. However, she didn't stop. Her passion for orphans was strong and she wanted to finish and reach her goal.

You can see each of the 100 days below:

There are only four days left until the end of the year, which is the day Elaini hopes to make her dream come true and reach $50,000. This means that she needs to raise $4,000 per day. It seems an impossible feat for a human, but with God all things are possible.

Can we lift Elaini up in prayer over these next four days, spread the word about her project, and maybe even donate to her efforts? Ten dollars can help feed a young child who might otherwise not have something to eat.

A young child like this one...

I love the quote from Elaini, "I can't change the past but I can effect the future."

You can visit her blog here to learn more about this amazing woman and her project.

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