Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Guest Article -- Waiting

We asked a friend of Ella's, a young lady named Autumn to write a guest article for A Time To Dance about waiting. Throughout this article, you will find a bounty of wisdom from a girl a few years older than us about important things that we will be thinking about in the near future.

Thank you for your wonderful article, Autumn!

You will either waste your time waiting, or make the time worth the wait.

If you are in a season of waiting on God to bring the right person your way, remember that you are not alone. Don’t grow stagnant during this time because you aren’t getting instant results. Be productive. There will be no other season in your life like this. You are perfectly able to be completely sold out to the Lord and do his work freely without anything holding you back. God wants to use this time to mature and grow you. One of my life verses is, Psalm 37:4, “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.” This verse is definite! If you delight in Him your desires will become your reality. The Lord is not going to give you what you want if you are holding back and trying to do things (such as dating) on your own. You need to redirect your focus on your Heavenly Father and long for Him alone. Make Jesus your one true delight and find no greater delight than in Him. You might feel like the Lord is holding your desire right above your reach. I did. But God will use this time for good. During your countless prayers for a partner, think of Him saying, “How close will you come? How far will you fall in love with me? Will I still be your best friend and hold your heart if I give this to you?” My God is a jealous God. Our complete joy and satisfaction must be found in Him. It was not till I surrendered completely to Him and made Him my one true love, was I content with His will, single or not. Align your thoughts and desires with His. God knows more about you than you do. He created you and is the one who gave you these desires to get married one day. God put the longing for a godly man/woman in your heart because He has an amazing plan for you.
I know you’ve probably heard this a thousand times but….Don’t settle. I’m not gonna lie, being patient isn’t the number one character trait in the world today. Most surrender to what is temporary but we must hold out for what is real! Look what it says in James 1:4, “But let patience have its perfect work that you may be perfect lacking nothing.” Catch that? You will lack nothing! Meaning, if you are patient God promises to fulfill your every need. Growing up, I didn’t want to give my heart-- not even part of my heart-- to anyone but the man God had for me. I’m here to fulfill God’s purpose for my life and I know everything will work out in His perfect timing. I learned quickly that God’s timing is not our timing, but trust in Him. Having this mindset will help you during your season of waiting. The Lord is very smart and experienced in the dating industry and will not bring you someone that would pull you away from Him. . . remember, He is a jealous God. Jesus purchased you with His very own blood. You are too important to Him for Him to give you just anyone that comes your way. He’s going to protect you.
God’s plan for your life is to advance His kingdom on this earth. When we choose to react positively in the midst of a trial God will use it to perfect you and bring you closer to Him. Being patient and waiting is a trial with great results if you don’t give in. Truth is, your future spouse is out there somewhere right now and instead of aimlessly waiting for the day you two will meet, use this time wisely. Be praying for him or her. Every time you begin to get discouraged stop and start praying for your future spouse. You may not even know their name yet but your Father in heaven does. Speak protection and wisdom over their lives. Ask God to shape them to be the best helpmate for you. Pray for the Lord to show you specifically his/her needs for their life right now. Pray that they would keep themselves pure and wait for you as you are waiting for them. Realize that in this season, you are apart for a reason and that God will bring you together in His timing and will.

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