Friday, June 17, 2011

The Desire of Our Hearts

What does it mean to desire something? Desire is another, stronger word for
want. To desire something means that you chase after it with a piece of your
heart, and it becomes an obsession. It becomes something you want more and
more, and you use it to feed your heart.

See, desire is a default of human nature. God created us as dependent human
beings with a hole in our hearts that can only be filled by one person. We
desire to be wanted, to love and to be loved, and to be cared about. We
desire things of the world, to be like others, to be "cool", and to fit in.
In the end, we pursue these desires right back to God because He is the ONLY
thing that can fill our aching, empty hole. He created us to desire Him, but
when we became sinful our hearts changed to know both good and evil which also
changed our desires. Because of sin, we now know the desires of sin.
Which basically is anything that is not of God that we try to fill our hearts
with. I heard it described like this once: You heart can only fit a certain amount
inside of it. You give the right side of your heart to video games, you give
the left side to your boyfriend or girlfriend, you give the top of your
heart to your cell phone, and the bottom of your heart to being "the best"
or "the coolest" at everything you do. Now, what little space do you have
left to squeeze God in? Hmmm....Think about it. Instead of giving God the
leftover space of your heart, you need to give him your whole heart and
everything within it. See, things such as video games, your boyfriend, your
cell phone, and being the best at everything initially become idols of your
heart when you put them as more important than God.
As Christians, we know we should never bow down to anything or anyone other than
God. But it happens sometimes, doesn't it? We see something or someone that we want,
and we go after it, hard. Pretty soon our desire for this thing we are pursuing crowds out God, and we place it above Him.
It becomes our idol, and chokes out our desire for God. It's a good reason for
why God made this the first commandment. In fact,all of the ten commandments deal with the theme of desire (Exodus 20:1-17)God was concerned about the heart attitudes of His people. When these commandments were broken, they showed that the people had desire for other things. For example, when a man committed adultery, it showed that he cared more about fulfilling his own physical desires than loving his neighbor and loving God. God wanted the Israelites to desire Him fully and with all their hearts.

Ever since the fall of Man, people have been trying to fill their God-shaped
holes with anything that could remotely be placed there. But these things
were not and are not God. We try to fill our hearts with that relationship
with the particular guy or girl, the money filled lifestyle, the coolest
outfit, the sports car we've always wanted, or the most recent electronic
toy. We look to the object of our desire, whatever it may be, to fill our
heart and mind and to make us feel happy and complete. But it can't. Because
God made us to worship him, and when we begin worshiping other things, we
find that they can NEVER fill our hungry hearts, for no matter how hard we
try,these things do not satisfy. They don't complete us, and while we may feel
happy for a little bit, it doesn't last. These things can never take the
place of our amazing and gracious God.

Have you ever thought "Oh, when I get THIS I'll be happy forever and I'll
never want another thing"? Well, It doesn't work that way. You may think
that now, but once you get that new thing, you'll get bored of it fast.
You'll thirst for more. God is the only one who can quench your everlasting

You've probably seen the movies put on by Hollywood or Disney. You know the
ones. When the main character desires something and spends the entire movie trying
to gain it. Finally, at the end, he or she gets the thing that they have
always wanted. Have you ever noticed that those movies always end "Happily
ever after"? That's what Hollywood promotes. They want people to feel like
that. They want people to think that if they get something that they've
always desired, it will make them happy. But that's not true. Matthew 5:6
says "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they
shall be satisfied." There is only one thing that you can desire that will
fill you forever. It's Jesus Christ. He is your light, your salvation,
your King, and when you worship Him, all other things fall away. You no
longer desire things of the world, because Jesus will satisfy you forever.
Do you know Jesus, or do you have a continual thirst for things of this
world? Jesus is the only thing that can quench your thirst. Do you want to
know Him? Do you *desire* him? You can know Him because He wants to know
you. He wants to be the end of your thirst, He wants you to follow Him.
Jeremiah 29:13 says "You will seek me and find me. When you seek me with ALL
your heart." That means that you give up the idol of your cell phone, of
being cool, of having a sports car and you seek God with all your heart.
Just like the apostles, who walked away from their old lifestyles and
everything they once knew to follow Jesus Christ. It doesn't mean that your
cell phone is a sin, or that you need to sell your sports car, but those
things shouldn't be more important than the God you serve. Because He is the
person that should ultimately fill your heart. Do you know Him? Is Jesus
your ultimate desire? Has he quenched your thirst?

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