Monday, May 9, 2011

God's Authority and Biblical Femininity

What is the Bible made of? The answer to that question is simple,

especially in theological terms. Commands, promises, and parables. A

promise in the Bible is, of course, God promising us something, and

when it is promised it is sure to come. Doesn't the Bible plainly

teach us that God always keeps his promises? Parables are simple

stories or teachings quite similar to an allegory that we should all

learn from. Commands are God's direct sayings for each Christian to follow.

Take the verse Titus 2:4-5 "Then they can train the younger women to

love their husbands and children to be self controlled, and pure, to

be busy at home, to be kind and to be subject to their husbands, so

that no one will malign the word of God." Does it not say for a

woman to be busy at the home, to be kind, pure, loving, self

controlled and loving to her husband? In a broad generalization, if

women more closely followed some of the principles in this verse in today's time, would there

be less divorce or even abortion?

The Biblical woman is called to handle the family, money, make a

home for her husband and children, and take care of the family

property (or in this day and age, tend to the garden and teach her

children). As a man would be neglecting his life's purpose, so a

woman would be neglecting hers if she disregarded her role of

teaching and nurturing her children. The Bible says "Children are a blessing from the Lord."

Isn't it a blessing for the woman who just had a baby to be able to

relax because the sixteen year old girl left everything she was

doing and watched her kids while she rested? Isn't it a blessing for

the mutual out of town friends to be able to spend the night in a

Christian home with 24-7 hospitality?

God has called woman for a greater purpose than working "for the

man" in the public. We have a unique purpose that is too good to be

wasted. A household with a woman who neglects her biblical

responsibilities is usually falling apart or the house itself is

usually a wreck. The biblical woman is called to teach, disciple,

love, care, nurture and bring the gospel to the people around her.

Is what you are planning for your life going to fulfill everything

God is calling you to do in the greatest way? You might be surprised

at just how much strength it takes to conquer what God has called you to do.

Take heart in the big hard things as well as the small hard things

that God calls you to do as you strive to fulfill God's plan for

you. Everything that God has us do for Him makes a difference even

if it doesn't seem to. The world will not become totally devoted to

God by women who neglect their responsibilities but by every child

that comes to know the Lord through the nurture of his mother (and

father), by every conversation about the gospel that is shared over

tea, by every batch of dishes that is willingly washed and by every weed that is pulled spiritually

and literally. Look deeper at Titus 2:4-5. What does it really say? Don't shade

your eyes with what the world has to say. Is it a command, promise

or parable? What is God really calling you to do?

In Christ,

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